5th Year Field Trips

Each write up should cover the topics discussed along with relevant pictures.
It is important to discuss the relevance to agriculture of each particular topic.
You can use your notes and book to expand. It is fine to use bullet points.

Field Trip 1

Soil Sampling
Why do it?
Importance of pH
Soil index
Equipment used
Method used
How to address results

Types of Grassland
Examples of each
How it affects the type of farming on each grassland

Field Trip 2

Sheep scanning
What is it
When do you do it
Why do you do it
What do you do with the results

Raddling the Ram
What is it
Why do it

Animal Nutrition
Bulky feeds

Environmental Schemes (GLAS)
What are they
Why does the farmer do it
Give examples of different types of measures in GLAS

date Monday, February 5, 2018

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