Please make sure you can answer the following questions for the summer exams.
Using Quizlet may help.

1.Give 2 reasons for the use of crop rotation
2.What is the difference between selective and non-selective herbicide?
3.How can you tell the difference between barley and wheat?
4.When are winter varieties of cereal sown?
5.What is the advantage of winter varieties over spring varieties?
6.What are the 4 properties of certified seed? 
7.What fertilisers are applied to barley and when and how are they applied?
8.How are weeds controlled in a barley crop?
9.What diseases and pests are most likely to attack barley and how are they prevented?
10.What are the signs that barley is ready for harvest?
11.What is the average yield in tonnes per hectare for (i) barley (ii) wheat (iii)oats, for spring and winter varieties?
12.To which family does the potato belong?
13.Potatoes are categorized according to their harvest date. What are the name of the 3 main categories of potatoes?
14.Describe a suitable rotation for potatoes.
15.What is the main disease associated with potatoes? What conditions favour its spreading?

date Friday, April 11, 2014

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